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The World is My Country Foundation (TWIMCF) was founded in 2014 by Bryan Myers. He had just moved to the Dubai when he faced a conundrum. A few weeks after getting settled in, he was looking at the possibility of losing his job. While awaiting his fate, Bryan messaged his best friend back in the US.

"Hey man, might lose my job come Sunday. If I do, I'm driving from here to Cape Town before heading back to the US. You in?"

"Yeah, I'm down. Just let me know." was the almost immediate response."

While he sat there contemplating life, he realized how entitled it was to have the immediate thought of going on a joy ride across Africa when getting the news, he may lose his job. So, he sent another text.

"Hey man, it's going to be like a 6-month trip at a minimum. We will stop and help people in every country we drive through along the way. Just a heads up."

"Sounds cool, keep me posted."

As it turns out, he did not lose his job that following Sunday. However, that didn't stop his mind from racing with ideas of how he could try to make the world a little bit better of a place.

Over following weeks, Bryan met a kindred spirit in Dan Wright and the two haven't stopped traveling the world together since aimed to helping people as often as they can.

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