Our Board

Dan Wright is our President of the Board. He and Bryan worked together in the UAE and shared a kindred spirit for adventure and helping others. The first work they undertook was in response to the Earthquake in Nepal in 2015 that killed 10,000 people and left more than a million displaced with no home. It was here that TWIMCF first started working with WASH and SHELTER projects and providing Relief to people who had lost everything. He has a degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education and further qualifications in Coaching and Environmental Sustainability. Dan has experience of more than 2 decades of remote and hostile environment adventure expeditions and research work. Dan’s passion lies in Natural History and helping People. He spent 3 years volunteering with the UAE’s SANID National Civil Rescue organization. Since TWIMCF was founded, Dan has undertaken aid and humanitarian missions in: Nepal, UK, UAE, Afghanistan and Ukraine.