Our Ongoing Projects

Afghan Education Project

This project continues TWIMCF's commitment the people of Afghanistan. Through a decade long partnership, TWIMCF continues to educate both male and female* students at our partners private, modern schools. The school has helped provide advanced education for all ages for almost a decade.

*The female education program has been postponed indefinitely due to the increased risk to our students. 

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Afghan Evacuations/Resettlement

TWIMCF continues to coordinate the movement of targeted Afghans to safe and secure locations, and several hundred more into relative safety awaiting exfiltration. These people range from American citizens and their families to high-threat individuals that face certain death to innocent people just wanting to get to a safe area.

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Ukraine Refugee Assistance

TWIMCF continues to push supplies deep into Ukraine to the battle fronts via a network of local volunteers.

Currently, TWIMCF maintains supply capabilities from Krakow to most parts of Ukraine through our local channels. 

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