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It was Afghanistan, mid-2004. I was a 22 going on 23-year-old fresh out of the 'Q' course as one of the first 18X's. I had just returned to the theatre after heading back to the states for a couple of weeks due to getting a 'Dear John' email. I had to get back to the US to start the paperwork for the upcoming divorce and make sure my affairs were in order. The week before coming back, our ODA was tasked with setting up a base near ShinKay while simultaneously conducting operations aimed at disrupting Taliban supply routes coming from Pakistan through the Maruf Valley. It was a massive task made even worse with the addition of one simple thing:...

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Bryan's Blog - Stardate: 95870.04 - Going it alone with all of you..

For the first time in as long as I can remember I am without a boss. For the last couple of weeks, I have been settling back into the house that Ash and I have owned for about a year. I say house because for the past year it has merely been a place for us to stay and keep our belongings. The reason is for the past year, 5-6 days out of the week, I worked 4 1/2 hours away. You can imagine how much impact this had on Ash, my family, the foundation, and myself. It became apparent that if I wanted to change the world indeed, I would have to change. I would have to go from...

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