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The Waterbearers

The Waterbearers strategically align ourselves with partners, in-country organizations, and community leaders to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable clean water solutions. We work around the world in places where people lack access to clean water. Since 2016, we have helped fund clean water initiatives in 34 countries and impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.

The Green Beret Project

The Green Beret Project is filled with talented individuals from a wide range of communities, all with a passion to help youth and improve the neighborhoods in which they reside. Our volunteers include active duty military, investment brokers, law-enforcement officials, teachers, civic leaders, business personnel, college students, former offenders, and academics.
Fundamentally, the Green Beret Project believes in the power of relationships and strives to identify and establish collaborative partnerships with numerous other organizations to gain greater effectiveness and efficiencies by taking a whole of effort approach.



Pineland Ranch

Pineland Ranch is a small veteran-owned ranch nestled in north Texas. It is aimed at producing healthy, organic beef on a self-sustaining farm. They have donated their first born heifer to TWIMCF in aim to grow a sustainable source of food for future humanitarian aid support. Follow them on their journey at their Instagram page.



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