Raise the Black

Raise the Black is a simple project with a complex objective; keeping our word to our Iraqi brethren. Raise the Black, in its simple form, is a project aimed at taking the color black back from the clutches of ISIS control and returning it to its rightful owners in the Iraqi Special Operation Forces (ISOF). However, it goes much deeper than the color of uniforms.
Raise the Black uses the profit from its clothing and apparel sales to provide aid to the families of fallen ISOF soldiers. The founders of Raise the Black are former U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers that served directly with ISOF during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Misery Incorporated

Misery Incorporated is a creative outlet. It's a combination of a love for music, art, and patriotism. The site is a continual work in progress expressing this creativity.

Misery Incorporated donates 25%  of its' profit to TWIMCF.


Warrior Woven

The Meanie is a Green Beret designed, handcrafted, ruggedly designed, knitted skull cap. All Meanies are knit by the Meanie Militia. Veterans, active duty soldiers, Green Berets, national guardsmen, military spouses, and family members. Meanies are made for fighters. Period. They just happen to look badass on dudes, hot on chicks and cute on kids; the voodoo is all you. It’s a subtle display of dominance, not a fashion statement.

Meanies do not fit like traditional beanies. Meanies are designed to fit snugly over your head and end at around the bottom of your ears. Meanies are not hippy hats that present a drowning risk.  Meanies come newly and tightly knit! They may appear small at first, but will stretch to fit almost anyones head. The Meanie will adjust to fit almost any fighter’s head!


The Green Beret Project

The Green Beret Project is filled with talented individuals from a wide range of communities, all with a passion to help youth and improve the neighborhoods in which they reside. Our volunteers include active duty military, investment brokers, law-enforcement officials, teachers, civic leaders, business personnel, college students, former offenders, and academics.
Fundamentally, the Green Beret Project believes in the power of relationships and strives to identify and establish collaborative partnerships with numerous other organizations to gain greater effectiveness and efficiencies by taking a whole of effort approach.