Ukraine Refugee Assistance

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has the world watching closely as the war pushes on. There are an estimated half a million people heading to the borders to flee the ongoing battles in the east. Even though the world is opening up its arms to these refugees, one major constraint is causing issues - the processing times at the border checkpoints. 

TWIMCF is looking to help alleviate some of the issues these delays are causing. We are sending a small team into the country to establish food distribution points and medical aid stations at these locations. Our team will fly into Poland, link up with our contacts on the ground, develop our safe house, then move forward into Ukraine.

Once we are established at the crossings, we will begin pushing our team forward to establish a logistical support route for these people as they make their way to the border crossings - Providing food, water, and medical aid as needed.

The World is My Country Foundation (TWIMCF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Texas formed with the values of providing relevant, necessary, and efficient aid to those in need around the world regardless of race, religion or gender.