Expedition Humanity

This is the culmination of everything that our founder, Bryan is and everything that he has done in life. This project aims to create the first ever, Global Humanitarian Adventure Race. Think of the 'Amazing Race' but with an actual purpose other than ratings. The gest, teams made up of people from all over the world will compete in an adventure race to win the grand prize of a large grant for the region they are competing. The teams will go to villages all over the world and be judged on the amount of benevolence they provide at each location. They will then be given points. The higher the points, the more help they get at the physical and mental challenge at the end of each phase. (If they are tasked to cross a river, their points will determine how much gear they will be provided to cross that river, for an example). There is way more to this, but we will not bore you. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to hear more. Just know, if you ask, Bryan will talk your ear off. ;)