Afghan Evacuations/Resettlement

The US government has departed and thousands of Afghan US interpreters and their families have been abandoned

Afghans who aided US forces are being targeted by the Taliban for torture and death.

Ground routes are now the the most viable option for moving Afghans to safety and security. The disaster in Afghanistan has proved the need for agile, decentralized, and effective support for those in need. This is what we do. 

By working with networks of locals, military special operations veterans, and contacts from many years spent in Afghanistan, The World Is My Country Foundation and Special Forces Shield Maidens working together have already coordinated the movement of hundreds of targeted Afghans – primarily US interpreters and their families – to safe and secure locations, and several hundred more into relative safety awaiting exfiltration. These people range from American citizens and their families to high-threat individuals that face certain death to innocent people just wanting to get to a safe area.

Ground Option is our continued effort to help provide secure movement to safety.