Continued Partnerships!

Continued Partnerships!

A statement from GBNT Group:

In partnership with' The World Is My Country, the Green Beret Networking Task Group (GBNT Group) has been working in tandem for the last seven months to help our At-Risk Afghan Partners (AtRAPs). Since Kabul collapsed, we have been working the ground Exfil of our partners left behind. Recently, we have partnered with Kauser TV's Eyes On The Ground Department and Operation 620. They have been networking with Afghan Embassies still loyal to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's Constitution and Afghans working in Taliban-controlled government offices. 

Our manifold efforts have come to produce unique and unparalleled results for some of our most complex cases. The Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) process just by itself is fraught with all kinds of bureaucratic requirements that are difficult to follow, even for a native English speaker. We help our AtRAPs to navigate the process to meet their gates within required timelines. Sometimes these efforts put our AtRAPs at significant risk. Our organizations coordinate and advocate with Other Governmental Agencies (OGAs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and known trusted partners who have remained behind to help develop and maintain a temporary exfiltration network. 

We guide those we are attempting to rescue to Safe Houses then to smugglers who take them on cross-border routes so they can await the results of their SIV applications in relative safety. Unfortunately, some required documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc..., are getting more and more challenging to acquire. Sometimes, their acquisition is impossible without funds to "facilitate" their production and delivery. 

Currently, some of our most at-risk Afghans who remain are facing dire situations. Despite Taliban Leadership assurances that reprisals will not occur, some have bounties on their heads. Still, we hear from other similar organizations that executions happen daily and with greater frequency. Families are separated from their fathers and sons, who are imprisoned or executed without trial. Wives and daughters are taken as brides by Taliban fighters, and the youngest are left to fend for themselves. 

While none of our AtRAPs have been discovered, we refuse to abandon them and will continue to stand by them as we are their only hope. Unfortunately, at this moment, the Taliban are taking advantage of the distraction in Ukraine to go after our people aggressively. In reaction to this, we are pushing hard to get our people out to other countries so they can wait for their SIVs to process. We are building upon small victories one at a time, and our efforts are sustaining lives and getting our partners to safe-haven countries. 

The GBNT Group and The World Is My Country Foundation, now with Kauser TV and Operation 620, need your continued help. All of the processes I have laid out cost money, and we need support to continue this effort. We contribute to this cause out of our own pockets and give everything to help our people. Any support would be greatly appreciated. 


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