The PALS Collection

PALS - A Collection with a Meaning 

The concept is simple. You are not buying this for yourself; you are buying it for your best friend/s, your partner/s, your teammates. We all have them. Friends that, no matter what will be there for you. Pals are those that stand tall with you through the hard times. They ride with you at all costs. Time, place, situation, none of this matters to a pal. This shirt represents that essences.

The word pal comes from the Indic language of the Romani people. First recorded in English in the second half of the 1700s, pal was borrowed from a Romani word meaning "brother, comrade," which occurs as phal in the Romani spoken in England and phral in the Romani spoken in continental Europe.

"Steve understands the meaning of the word "pals", don't you Steve? Cause if you got three or four good pals well then you got yourself a tribe. There ain't nothing stronger than that. We're your family now, Chavez. You walk away from us; you break our sacred hoop. We gotta stick together, fellas. It's the only way I see it." - Young Guns